Dikili (Turkey)

Beautiful Blue Flag beaches, secluded bays and therapeutic springs – rest your mind and soul in Dikili.

Rich in history and nature – Dikili is an idyllic Turkish retreat

Approaching the broad bay of Dikili, Turkey’s coastal gem, you’ll be mesmerized by the lush green landscape bordered by golden sandy beaches wrapping their way around the coastline. Turquoise water glitters before you and isolated bays reveal their mystical charm – a place dripping in wondrous natural sights and history.

Nature lovers can revel in vibrant colors and sweet floral scents in Ataturk Botanical Garden, find solace listening to fresh water cascade down Nebiler Waterfall and explore series of caves, small cataracts and hot springs around Kemente Plateau. Or head to the volcanic lake, Karagol, with its black water and idyllic hiking paths.

Spend some time in the sweet coastal village of Bademli, further south on the Dikili Turkey map, and enjoy the peace and quiet as you stroll along seafront promenades and relax on pristine beaches. Journey inland and you’ll also uncover incredible ruins from ancient cities that whisk you centuries back in time.

One of the world’s first hospitals and healing centers, the Asclepieion takes you on a fascinating trip back in time. Taking advantage of the region’s springs, once believed to be sacred, the Asclepieion is an open-air museum with ancient rooms for healing, massages, treatments and baths connected by ornate porticoes. Wander from room to room and marvel at the advances in ancient medicine, stand in the mighty theater that could seat 3,500 spectators and admire lecture halls and the grand library.

At the heart of a large kingdom, Pergamon’s mighty ancient columns rise out of the ground to reveal a metropolis, an important political and cultural nucleus during the Byzantine era. Discover one of seven churches listed in the Book of Revelation as well as the enormous cathedral-sized Red Basilica built in the 2nd century as a temple to the Egyptian gods Serapis, Isis and Harpocrates. Sense the importance of education and culture walking past its library, amphitheater, temples and baths and get caught up in the colossal scale of this ancient kingdom.

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