Kavala (Greece)

Layer upon layer of history, modern restored warehouses and some of the best seafood tavernas around – step into characterful Kavala.

Kavala city is a beautiful balance of urban spaces, beaches and lush green foothills

Trickling down the slopes of Mt Symvolo in northern Greece, Kavala opens its arms as you approach from the sea. Built like an amphitheater hugging the hills and embracing the seafront, you’ll want to get straight into exploring this absorbing city. Modern neoclassical mansions, Byzantine monuments and Islamic architecture evoke its long and varied history.

Taking your first steps along its palm-lined port, the smell of charcoal-grilled seafood and sight of fishing boats unloading their haul will tickle your senses to life. Converted tobacco warehouses also line the front with bars, restaurants and picturesque spots to enjoy typical Kavala weather and long, lingering sunsets.

Home to a whole host of religious sites that you’ll find dotted around the city, the old town is filled with multihued buildings, a castle with commanding views over the horizon and an Acropolis built on the ruins of the old Byzantine castle. Alternatively, find time for yourself in one of the perfect, tranquil beaches surrounding the city.

A feat of Turkish engineering, the incredible height of the Kamares aqueduct will have you mesmerised for hours. Soaring high at 52-meters, it features sixty arches of four different sizes built on the foundations of the city’s ancient Byzantine walls. It’s the impressive work of Suleiman the Magnificent and is one of Kavala’s many listed cultural highlights.

In the heart of the oldest district in the city, the Imaret stands proud as a unique example of Islamic architecture and the ever-lasting eastern influences on Kavala. Its lead domes and numerous chimneys pop up over the skyline concealing a maze of lavish state rooms and beautiful gardens. Originally founded by Mehmet-Ali Pasha as a religious school, the Imaret has changed with the times from a refuge to a modern-day luxury hotel – the first of its kind in Greece.

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