Patmos (Greece)

A dreamlike aura, volcanic landscapes and sacred sites; fall in love with an idyllic off-the-beaten-track island.

A timeless holy island, Patmos radiates spiritual wellbeing

Approaching the port of Skala, you can’t take your eyes off the monumental grid of medieval walls that emerge as if staking their claim over the island. Inching ever closer to Patmos island, your eyes will be drawn further down the hill to the fringes of white houses that circle Chora all the way to the pretty harbor of Skala.

Stepping foot on the island of Patmos you’ll be bowled over by its ageless, touching presence – villages appear undisturbed for centuries and its natural volcanic beauty captivates and absorbs all your attention. Patmos is also steeped in history: where architecture remains testament to Greek, Roman and Byzantine influences. And legends say that St John was inspired to write the Book of Revelations here.

The picturesque harbor of Skala may appear small on the outside, but a wealth of quality bakeries, shops and tavernas line the waterfront promenade tempting you to take a break and enjoy a refreshing drink. With no big towns; just secluded bays, towering cliffs and untouched landscapes, Patmos is as authentic as they come.

At the halfway point between Skala and Chora lies the cave where St John the Evangelist heard a voice granting him a series of visions that would later be transcribed into the Book of Revelations. The entrance is marked by mosaics of his visions, and once you enter the cave you’ll sense the spiritual, calming air that follows you around the entire island. Continuing further up Patmos’ highest hill, you’ll encounter the Monastery of St John - focal point of Chora - where strong medieval walls house a warren of chapels and courtyards.

Clinging to the walls of the monastery, the whitewashed houses of the Chora appear perfectly sculpted and immaculate. Wander along quiet cobblestone alleyways that cut through the town and stumble upon flowered courtyards where impressive mansions and houses lie in the shadow of the monastery walls.

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