Rhodes (Greece)

Mystical mountains, beaches which stretch on forever, an ethereal medieval castle;  welcome to the Island of the Knights.

Beaches, castles and butterflies – Rhodes is an island like no other

Approaching Rhodes island by sea is an experience all of its own. The clifftop Acropolis at Lindos rises slowly from the still blue waters, evoking the ancient Colossus which once adorned the harbor, and modern hillside villages lay in the shadow of the imposing medieval fortification.

Stepping off the cruise ship, an island of contrasts awaits; a tranquil paradise, rich with nature and layered with history. Wandering the Old Town, you’ll feel the presence of the Crusaders who once walked the same cobbled streets. The ruins left behind by Byzantines, Romans and ancient Greeks will whisk you even further back in time. 

Alternatively, find peace and seclusion on the miles and miles of sandy beaches, or feel your cares drift away in the mineral-rich waters at one of the island’s many natural spas. Then head into the forested inland, where rivers and waterfalls flow, butterflies surround you in the Valley of the Butterflies, and native deer still roam free on the wild hills and mountains.

Emerging from the bare rock on an ancient Byzantine foundation, the former citadel of the Knights Hospitallar is both haunting and unique. Perfectly preserved, gothic and elegant, entering it truly feels like stepping into a different world. The location is unmistakably Greek, but the Kastello will sweep you away into a world of Knights and Crusades.

Atop the rock, looming over the modern town, stands the ancient Acropolis at Lindos. Greek, Roman, medieval and Christian structures abound. But for all that Lindos offers, perhaps the most breathtaking of all is the view. From the top of the citadel, the whole town and harbor stretch out before you, and the blue surrounding sea seems to go on forever.

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