Syros (Greece)

Mystical hills bejeweled with churches, grand, imposing architecture and secluded bays and coves; welcome to sublime Syros.

Rural mixed with urban, hillsides rolling into seaside – Syros is an island for everyone

Approaching Syros island, you’ll be captivated from the start: hilltops decorated with churches appear in the distance and Ermoupoli’s golden buildings seemingly cascade down into the sea. Syros island is authentic, untouched and gives you a taste of the best in everyday Greek life.

The grand sight of Ermoupoli is a welcome that few forget. Spot the stately Town Hall from the harbor and savor the city’s radiant allure as you begin to explore its palm-lined squares and labyrinthine stairways and streets. Looking up inland past the hills surrounding the city, you’ll find Syros’ mountainous interior, Apano Meria, that’s still wild and rugged with few having ventured there.

Journey along the coast to discover quiet bays and coves where you can sit watching waves lap up against the golden sand or keep cool in the shade of tamarisk trees gently swaying in the warm Cycladic breeze. And for those in search of delicious Greek treats, you’ll be spoilt for choice with thyme honey, loukoumi – sweets made with bergamot, rosewater and mastic – Halvadopita, San Michalis cheese and the famous Syros sausage spiced with fennel.

The striking sight of Ano Syros in the hills beyond Ermoupoli sets the scene for this enchanting Catholic settlement. The San Giorgio cathedral sits victorious atop the hill looking down at its maze of arcaded streets and historical buildings that are only accessible on foot. Discover a fascinating mix of Cycladic, medieval and neoclassical architecture as well as panoramic views over neighboring islands.

Stroll through ‘Little Venice’ in Ermoupoli to find grand ship owners’ houses, lovingly restored neoclassical mansions and expansive palm-filled squares. The icing on the cake is the glittering blue dome on Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos that radiates for miles. Step inside and the grandeur continues with delicate wood carvings, grand marble columns, icons and chandeliers just a few of the treasures on display.

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